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Typography Apps for iPhone and iPad

Typography can be defined as the appearance of characters on a page, or the activity of preparing text for printing. While typography is generally studied by authors, journalists, and copywriters, typography can be a very interesting subject for just about anyone. With the age of mobile technology, many people are using their iPhones and iPads for their research both at home and on the go. For this reason, a few companies have created typography apps that can be purchased from the iTunes store for both the iPhone and the iPad.

Best iPad Apps For Filmmakers

Ever since Steve Jobs came up with Apple’s new invention, the iPad, applications for iPad users have been on the rise and are continuing to grow. Not only did the iPhone and iPad revolutionize the user experience with its sleek interface and design, but it allowed users maximum mobility and ease. It is no wonder then, that the iPad is being used by filmmakers in the film industry, quite a lot and very effectively too. Given that people are constantly on the go on film sets, and the constant need for documentation and reading, the iPad apps for filmmakers give them the luxury to do all that.