Basic Photography Tips From National Geographic

We all are in love with National Geographic, the kind of work, research, effort they put into their work is just remarkable. We have collected some of really useful videos from Nat Geo.

Avoiding Jaggy Pictures

We are in the digital world where results always matter in photography. While taking pictures we got some jaggy stuff in photos to get rid of this problem see how a few tips on resolution will keep your photos crisp.

Amazing Photo Albums

Organizing the photo album is such an art where you can add a story to your pictures. Here in this video learn how to make eye-popping photo albums quickly and easily.

Action Photo Tips

Its not easy to capture fast-moving objects with a digital camera and in result of that we get blur output in photos. Take a look into this video and find out the solution.

Camera Symbols

Learn what all the little icons covering your camera mean, and how to get different results using these options.

Composition Tips

Composition of the frame is the key to take an eye-catching photo. Make your photos more interesting by using composition techniques.


Macro photography transforms ordinary objects to the extra-ordinary. See how your camera’s macro function can open a whole new world.

Underwater Photography

You can capture unique underwater photos with an underwater housing for your point-and-shoot.

Using Available Light

You probably never noticed before but light is changing around you all the time. Learning to see that change is the secret to make outstanding photographs.

Shoot JPEG or RAW?

Digital cameras have lots of image settings to choose from. Your camera probably have a few choices. Most of them have JPG options and some of them have RAW option too. See the video and find out the difference.

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