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Time Lapse Photography

Amazing Photos of Time Lapse Photography

Time travel may not be possible in real life, but when you see these amazing photos of time lapse photography, you’re going to wish it was and maybe even believe that it’s possible – at least in the design world, if not the real world! Today, we’re bringing you an amazing collection of truly mesmerizing time lapse photos that artists and designers have knit together under their design tools.

Clean and Simple Website Designs

Clean and Simple Website Designs

Hello designers! Today we’ll be bringing you some very clean and simple web designs for your web design inspiration. In our previous posts about web design, you have seen several examples on how to create brilliant websites and given you excellent resources for your inspiration. All the award-winning international websites from the world over have a few things in common and that is the rule you must live by if you want to get ahead in the business of web design – the rule is to always be fresh and creative with your design. No matter what your website is about, the design should be creative and fun and should be unconventional.

Grid Based Wordpress Theme

30 Grid Based WordPress Themes

Hi designers in our post today, we’ll be sharing 30 of the very best Grid based WordPress themes, as our continuation of some of the best WordPress Themes around the web. In our previous posts, you have seen some really awesome examples of how designers have come up with great WordPress themes for different kinds of portfolio websites and such. Today, we’ll be talking about grid based, responsive wordpress themes specifically, and bring you our roundup of some of the best grid layout wordpress themes from around the web.

Typography Design Inspiration

Typography Design Inspiration #2

Hello designers! How are your design ventures coming along? In our previous posts you must have seen how different types of typography have been used to create amazing graphic design projects, with cool shapes, colours and styles. Today, as a continuation of our typography series, we’ll be bringing you some really cool examples of typography for your typography design inspiration so you can make posters, web designs, and graphic art very easily! You’ll find lots of examples of typography designs to choose and take inspiration from.

Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

25 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

In our post today, we’ll be sharing with you some awesome examples 25 best WordPress Portfolio themes that will make all your web and portfolio designing projects quick and easy. In these themes, you’ll see a variety of different designs and themes to choose from and you’ll notice the variety of different ways in which designers and developers have created wonderful WordPress Portfolio websites.

designers toolbox

15+ Free UI Kits For Your Design Bucket

Today we’ll be sharing some awesome free UI kits for your design bucket that every designer would just love to have in their designer’s toolbox and is an absolute essential for you if you want a quick and easy solution to your design projects.

Setting Up Your Online Store

Setting up an online store can be a confusing and difficult process, but there are some ways to make things easier on yourself. You need to start with a couple of tips that will help you make sure that everything on your store’s website works well and runs smoothly. This will ensure that your customers always have a great online shopping experience, from the very beginning, so that they return to shop your store again and again.

One Page Resume

One Page Resume in Just $6

Hope you’re all doing great, and having fun with your work. In the middle of all your projects, sometimes you might not find time to update your resumes and feel like you can’t decide on a good way to present it. Well, today, we’re presenting you with our new one page resume that you can get in just $6 and let it take care of all your curriculum vitae needs in one neat design.