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35+ High Quality Free Plastic Texture

While working on a Web application dashboard UI, I tried some plastic texture backgrounds and got some outstanding results. So here I am with 35+ high quality free plastic texture collection that I think can be very helpful for UI designers.

11 Light Subtle Patterns

200+ Seamless Patterns For Web Design

The more patterns designers have in their design libraries, the more efficiently they can create beautiful graphic designs. Today we bring you more than 200 seamless patterns that you can save and use in your future designs. The following collection displays a very wide variety of seamless patterns. These patterns can especially be used for web designs.

20+ Cool New Free Fonts

Letters, like words, have a character. At least that’s the case for creative people. Marketers, writers, designers use letters as a vehicle of not merely a ‘bare conversation to convey basic meaning’. They consider these letters as a medium to convey a feeling that goes far beyond the literal meaning. In this post I’m going to share a set of cool new free fonts. I hope these free fonts will be a useful addition to your fonts library. Feel free to download these fonts.

Windows-Style Mobile Dashboard

Freebies of the Month (July 2012)

Yes! Time to share yet another pack of freebies! This is the seventh monthly freebies pack I’m sharing with you. As you may well know I’m running a blog,, where I share downloadable free design resources I create.

100+ Free High Quality Paper Texture

Are you wondering how to prepare a design which is very close to the viewer’s heart? Well then you can use the paper texture very confidently. This is such a soft design that hardly any one will over look it. Viewers often stop and ponder over the design when they come across such a touching design that makes them feel very calm and cozy.

40 Free Vintage and Retro Fonts

Once again the designers are tilted towards the retro fonts. They try to add-on a diversified feature by using vintage and retro fonts in their designs. It is very much noticed that people get attracted towards the retro vintage effects. It is not only limited to the web designs only rather even the restaurants have got their menu cards and the brand name printed in this eye-catching font.

Sign Up Form Template

30 Sign Up Form Designs and Templates

A sign up form is an essential feature on any website or blog. This enables the website visitors to join the site to access the content and/or use the services it offers. A sign up form should serve the purpose it is designed for and also look beautiful.

30 Free Web Design Templates

Looking for a web design templates dose not mean that one does not know how to design a web site or he is lay-man. Rather, irrespective of the designing experience or the expertise level one has gained over the years. One always looks for some ideas to refresh his thinking process and come up with further new designing ideas to have the wow effect incorporated in his designs.