Give the Best Incentive to Scan Your QR Code to Bring in More Traffic

Businesses everywhere have started to realize the benefits of using QR codes. These handy codes allow you to generate interest in your business simply by allowing people to scan them and go to your website. Of course, with so many QR codes available to scan, not everyone will scan every single code they see. They need the right incentive to choose to scan your code over the competition. According to Business Week, the QR code is a great way to encourage more revenue for your business, so offering a better incentive to click just makes sense.

As you are looking for ways to offer an incentive for using a QR scanner on your QR code, think about what would make you scan a code. Think about what you are getting out of it, whether you are in a position to scan the code and whether the device being used can even do your website justice. Once you have considered these things, you will have the necessary information to create the kinds of codes which will get scanned and put them in the right place. You will have more people visiting your website, which will result in more revenue realized for your company so you can grow.

What Would Make You Want to Scan the Code?

There are certain things that will make you want to scan a code in the first place. The ability to save money or sign into a contest to win money can be really great incentives to scan a code. The important thing to take into consideration is what the mindset of your client is. Knowing who your clients are should be a part of your core demographic analysis. If you know what they enjoy in their lives and what kind of income level they have, you will know what they will be inclined to use their QR scanner for. Make sure you are prominently displaying the benefit of scanning on the code when you are making the QR code available.

Can the Code Be Scanned Easily?

As you are trying to distribute your QR code, consider whether you are using it in a way in which people can actually scan it. Putting the QR code on a billboard may seem like a good idea, but because of how far away it is and the angle you would have to scan, it is not likely to work for most people. Also, if the QR code is put on a poster in a high traffic area, the likelihood isn’t very high that someone will stop and scan the code. You want to make sure you are printing the QR code in a place where people can see it and they have the time to make the decision to scan the code.

Should the Site Be Accessed with a Mobile Device?

Of course, it is a good idea to consider whether you want people to even scan the code in the first place. In other words, as people use their QR scanner and they are sent to a website, will they be able to see what you want them to see properly form a mobile device? Since the only way people can scan a QR code is with a mobile device, you need to make sure the site they are traveling to is optimized to be viewed on a mobile device screen. If there are going to be problems with seeing everything, you might want to consider using a different site or taking the time to build a mobile site for those navigating to it through the QR code.

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