25 Die Cut Business Cards Design

Are you getting tired of your old business card? Are you looking for something fresh and exciting? Need some design inspiration for printing your business cards? Then look no further! For today, we are bringing you a collection of die cut business cards to set your creative juices flowing and bring more business your way!

We understand that everyday businesses are in a cut throat competition with each other, and it is important to make your identity among the multitudinous others. In our previous posts we shared some design inspiration for business cards with you, and as an extension to that, if you have the bucks for it, we are now going to show you some examples of die cut business cards that you could choose from!

These cards, as you’ll notice, are cut and shaped in a custom design, complimenting the company, the person, the card’s design or the business in some way or the other. Die cut business cards are, therefore, a tad more expensive than the regular shaped business card, but well worth the money because they are a great investment. Circles, squares, letters and even irregular shapes are cut from the inside of the card or from around its boundaries to make the cards look appealing and creative.

These die cut business cards will surely steal the show! Browse through our collection below and tell us what you think!

Die Cut Business Cards Designs

Identity Business Card

Identity Business Cards

Business Cards Identity

Business Card Identity

Die-Cut Card Designs

Die Cut Business Card Design

Die Cut Business Card Designs

Die Cut Card Designs

Die Cut Business Cards Design

Die Cut Cards Designs

Die Cut Cards Design

Die Cut Card Design

Die Cut Card Designs

Die-Cut Card Design

Business Card

Business Cards

Business Cards Design

Business Cards Designs

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Card Design

Music Business Card Design

Business Cards Design

Business Cards Designs

The Design Work

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3 Responses

  1. Awgw Point says:

    wonderful ideas

  2. Mr Dark41 says:

    I like it

  3. Joc says:

    love them.  generic rectangular cards are out, creative, aesthetic and textured is in!