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Serra da leba, Angola

15 Breathtaking National Geographic Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the most commonly noticed item by your friends, family members, colleagues and others. A wallpaper also reflects your taste and a bit of your personality. In this post we have collected 15 breathtaking national geographic wallpapers to spice up your desktop.

25+ Great Artistic Wallpapers For Your Desktop

An astonishing collection of abstract, conceptual and artistic wallpapers from talented designers who put their imagination and creativity beautifully together in these wallpapers. Have a look and lets find out what they have done to inspire.

Beautiful Google Pictures

Everybody using the Internet today must have also used Google, which has long enjoyed the top rank among search engines and World Wide Web websites. As a designer and net surfer I’m also a big fan of Google! I just love the way they use their logo to reflect the moods associated with different occasions of national and international importance.