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Hi guys! Today we’ll be bringing you some really beautiful, simple yet stylish landing page templates that you can use as launching soon, under construction, or coming soon pages for your websites which you are currently working on. They are up for grabs, so we sincerely hope that these will prove to be asset for your design kit and you’ll enjoy them immensely.

Now the purpose of a landing page, such these launching soon, under construction and coming soon templates, is to build a relationship with your users while the site is under construction and maintain a fair share of interest and intrigue. It can also help to tell the users that the website will be launching soon, and in some cases, can also tell exactly how soon, in the form of a countdown, right down to the last hour, minute and second. It can even show the level of progress completed and left in the form of a percentage bar. If the landing page looks well designed and professional, people will certainly navigate again and again to keep checking when the website launches.

With the addition of social media website buttons, users can also keep themselves updated on the latest happening and news regarding your website and further the bond between designer and user. With their sleek designs and classic look, you will no longer have to rush through a messy landing page in Photoshop and never have to design a badly made rectangular looking shape serving as a landing page, saying we’ll be with you shortly! Now work on your website with ease, and worry not for any time constraints while you focus on other tasks, and let these beautiful landing pages wow everyone with their striking designs. So go right ahead and grab these beautiful landing page templates before time runs out!

Under Construction and Launching Soon

Under Construction and Launching Soon

Under Construction and Launching Soon

Under Construction and Launching Soon

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