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Designing Logos: A Few Thoughts About Typography

Designing Logos: A Few Thoughts About Typography

The road to creating a new logo can often be long and hard. There are several things to think about when designing a logo, and one of the most important is deciding on a good typeface. We don’t want you to get in a funk about fonts, so we’ve put together a few simple lessons to make sure you get the right message across to your customers.

45 Cool Fashion Logos

Think urban chic. Classy, sophisticated, eye-popping, head-turning, beautiful, urban chic fashion logos! That’s right, today we’ll delve right into the heart of the fashion world and bring you a collection of fashion logos from all around. We all know how important logos are for businesses and companies alike, in order to make your brand/company stand out with the help of a unique signature of sorts, in the form of a logo, that people not only remember you by but also distinguish among a handful of others.

25+ Conceptual and Abstract Logos Design

Very often we are attracted towards conceptual logos and abstract logo designs. This behavior is due to our human nature, which is always attracted towards some thing new and some thing complicated or complex. Such logo designs make the human mind ponder and think about the hidden message behind those little simple or complicated drawings.

35 Beautiful Animal Logos Design

So far we have been sharing a number of posts regarding the logo designs. So here we have brought another add-on of some interesting animals logos to our collection. As it is perceived that the illustrative logos do have some edge regarding the verbal expression of message. Similarly, the animal logos do have an edge of expressing the feature or the characteristics of certain brand.

Corporate Logos Design

30 Best Corporate Logos Design

Have you ever wondered why the corporate logos designs are considered very much important? Why do we sometimes spend days and days with the designers to finalize a particular corporate logo? Why the re-launch of any brand very much focuses on redesigning of its corporate logo? All these questions can be very much answered in a single word. As after all it is all about the “corporate image”.

Illustrative Logo Design

45 Attractive and Stunning Illustrative Logos Design

Today we thought to share some very attractive and stunning collection of illustrative logos design. We have sorted out this collection from millions of illustrative logos available over this vast world of internet. The edge which such logos hold over the other ordinary logo design is the logo illustrations which make them very expressive and further impressive too. These logo illustrations help to say much more behind the lines to attract the target customers. This concept of graphic design supported with couple of words does definitely add a great value and support to convey the right message to the viewers.

35 Creative Sports Logos Design

Sports logos are considered to be among the worlds most expensive and liked logos. People pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to wear or hold something with the world’s famous sports logo. These logos are not only wore by the fans rather these logos are the major contributor towards the sports event aesthetic appeal as well as you will find these sports logos printed upon almost every single sports accessories and every possible thing which has got some relation to sports. This includes but is not limited to sports dress, water bottles, tickets, cups, sportsmen outfit, banners and the promotional material displayed in the stadium, etc.

35 Black and White Logo Designs

Looking for an inspiring collection of cool black and white logo designs? Well then you must be among those who are a big fan of black and white logo designs and you have reached the absolute link where you will find the most inspiring collection of these artistic logo designs.