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Nowadays you can hardly divide your everyday life into online and offline. Shopping, business negotiations, chatting and cooking courses are being held on the web. Even when you are interested in something (or someone) that you know nothing about you start ‘googling’. Our entire material world can be found on the web. But today we’d like to draw your attention to the non-material one. Let’s talk about churches websites.

Religious organizations and non-profits need very specific and thoughtful design solutions for their websites. Not so long ago pastors and church members were satisfied with ordinary brochure-style web pages. There were just any backgrounds, many text blocks of the same type and a few images. Those were websites which gave some information about churches and religion importance.

Modern web design offers more opportunities for churches’ self-expression, new members involvement and religious promotion. Colorful backgrounds with skillfully drawn textures, media libraries with photo and video files which can describe the life of religious community and to accentuate on its benefits ā€“ all these things are widely used in church web designs.

Many churches even have social media accounts. They call their followers to join them on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed of the latest news and announcements.

So here we go with 30 church websites which we hope will be useful for web designers, church pastors and all those people who’re interested in design trends.

Watermark Community Church

Watermark Community Church Website

Northside Church

Northside Church Website Design

Calvary Church

Calvary Church Website Design

The City Church

The City Church Website Design


Island - Church Web Design

Church the Rock

Church the Rock - Web Design Inspiration

Kingsfield Church

Kingsfield Church Website Design


Lakemount Church Web Design

Unity Faith MBC

Unity Faith MBC - Church Web Design

Turningpoint Church

Turningpoint Church - Website Design

Generations Church

Generations Church Web Design

Modern Church

Modern Church Website Design

The Church of Jesus Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ

The Movement

The Movement - Church Web Design

Bwthlehem Baptist Church

Bwthlehem Baptist Church

Saint Gregory Episcopal Church

Saint Gregory Episcopal Church Website Design

Genesis Church

Genesis Church Website Design

Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill Church Web Design

Church on the Ridge

Church on the Ridge


Farhills - Church Website Design

Gateway Fellowship Church

Gateway Fellowship Church Web Design

La Palma Christian Center

La Palma Christian Center - Web Design

New Life

New Life Church Website

Walnut Street Baptist Church

Walnut Street Baptist Church Web Design

City of Grace

City of Grace - Church Web Layout

Woodlawn Church

Woodlawn Church Web Layout Design

FBC Brookville

FBC Brookville - Church Web Layout


Andersonmill - Church Web Layout Design


Ignite - Church Web Design

Red Clay Creek

Red Clay Creek - Church Website

Ann Davlin

Ann Davlin is a young inspired blogger who is always open for new things. She works at MotoCMS - an advanced website builder. If you are a fan of web design (like Ann is) she'll be glad to talk with you on Twitter.

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