How To Download Free Fonts And Make Best Use Of It?

Haven’t you wondered how certain websites and graphic displays have fonts that you haven’t even seen before? All computers are equipped with inbuilt fonts that are used in entering texts in the computer. The windows 7 operating system supports around hundred fonts which are both international and localized in nature. Some fonts are very typical and boring, whereas there are a few others that are very creative and trendy.

How To Download Free Fonts And Make Best Use Of It?

The internet has a lot of sites which offers many new trendy fonts. But it’s observed that many users are incognizant about this facility. Professional graphic designers and content writers form the majority of users who use these latest fonts available. But on taking a look at it, one would surely be enchanted by its style. It is very futuristic and creative in its appearance.

This article will discuss some useful tips on how to download latest fonts from the internet.

Instructions to download fonts:

  • There are many free font websites. Load such a website to see its collection of fonts.
  • Scroll and research on all the different types of fonts. They are usually classified as localized text, comic texts, holiday texts, etc. Search through each root category and shortlist your favorite font.
  • On clicking on each of the shortlisted fonts, the fonts open up in magnified view. Along with it a download link also pops up. In deciding which font to download, click on the download link for downloading.
  • The downloaded files will usually be in zipped format. Therefore unzip it and save it in the destined location on the computer.
  • Now the downloaded font can be used in writing programs and texts.

Using downloaded fonts in websites:

If you are intending to use fonts in your own website, there are certain aspects that you need to know. Although most of the fonts available on sites that offer free download are freeware, there are a few others that are shareware in nature. So read through the instructions very well before initiating the download. There are also premium fonts for which the customer is supposed to make a payment.

The free and premium font varieties offered:

Generally sites offer a lot of free fonts such that are simple and also existing. But there are some sites which offer newly developed fonts for free download. This is done as a method of promotion of the site, but one can get these for free if he keeps updated. Some examples of fonts that are available for free fall under the category comic, adults, holiday, insects, hippie, etc. Fonts which are new yet free include the ones like electricity, faces, fantasy, etc.

The premium fonts offer choices such as art deco, art nouveau, graffiti, formal script, etc. Further, there are many value packs such as Angeleno one, family pack, Angelino two, etc. So the customers can thereby buy the fonts according to their requirements. These premium fonts generally cost around 150 dollars on an average. More than 80% of professional graphic and web designers depend on such downloaded premium fonts so that they can bring a new element into their creation.

The facilities to download fonts have made the work easy for graphic and web designers. With this they are able to become more creative. And, also the free fonts available have helped independent websites to be more lively and creative.

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Angela Nicole

Angela Nicole Jennings is a professional graphic designer who is based in London, with plenty of experience in the field of graphics. She has worked with several gaming and IT firms that deal with text fonts. In 2009, she also started her own graphic design venture that develops new fonts which are freely downloadable fonts.

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