Ace Your WordPress Projects with X Theme (3.0)

Just like snowflakes, no two WordPress projects are alike. Web designers know that clients come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s a different story with each one. Today, you could be asked to design the website for a certain event, app, or product, and tomorrow you might have to get started on the business website of someone else, or a portfolio. You can’t ever be sure of what’s coming, but you have to be ready for anything.

Every industry and field of practice is teeming with opportunities for designers, because everyone needs to have an online presence. Your only challenge is to decide on the best ways to create unique websites. If you’re basing them on WordPress, then you should definitely look for a theme that rounds up many features, is easy to shape, and has solid code.

Design Effective Web Stores


The website above is based on the Ethos stack.

When you’re setting out to create an online store, you should always keep in mind that users come first. Usability is the key to launching effective web stores.

Product pages should be easy to browse through. When it comes to displaying your products, you need to use pixel perfect images, along with an inspired blend of fonts, textures, and graphics. Of course, you should also consider integrating a fast search feature for prospective customers, and advance offers in a non-intrusive way.

If you choose to work with X Theme for this kind of projects, the Stacks Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos are WooCommerce-ready. The 3.0 release includes innovative extensions, and they’ll help you spice up your stores in a snap.


Take Video Lock, for instance. Did you know that you can present new products and marketing deals in a responsive video that loads super-fast? It’s ridiculously easy to configure, too. Choose a certain width for the video, and insert a heading or a footer. Also, decide when exactly it should start playing – and when it should end. Besides,you can go for the MailChimp integration to easily customize sign-up forms, plus subscribe users to a MailChimp e-mailing list.

If there’s one thing that sets good web stores apart, it’s customer support. The people who buy those products might have questions about them, and you need to help them overcome all the hurdles. As you know, satisfied clients are more likely to come back, so their issues should be dealt with as soon and as neatly as humanly possible! All you need is the Olark extension from X Theme.

Make Your Portfolios Unforgettable

3-Jessica Rea

The website above is based on the Renew stack.

The thing about portfolios is that their main purpose is to get attention. You probably know the secrets of a great-looking online portfolio – from shaping your own. Let’s go through them once again, just to be clear that you’ll have to play on the same strengths for your clients.

First of all, avoid stuffiness at all costs. There’s nothing worse than a messy online business card, because the messiness reflects back on the owner. Find out which are the most appreciated pieces of work, and make sure your visitors see them. Secondly, carve a simple way for visitors to browse projects.

Here’s how X Theme can help you create amazing portfolios every time. You can start from any of the first three Stacks – Integrity, Renew, or Icon – depending on what you wish to accomplish. Integrity exudes elegance and sophistication, whereas Renew lives and breathes flat design. Icon, however, is rather modern and minimal. The choice is yours.

X Theme has powerful extensions, too. Thanks to the revised and optimized form of Visual Composer, you’ll have it so much easier when you’re designing page layouts.


Speaking of popular WordPress plugins, Slider Revolution has also been modified to fit in with X. This gives you an indispensable tool for portfolios, since it enables you to set up any type of content slides. You can use the traditional fade and slide transition, or the more dynamic 3D, zoom in, and parallax effects.

Since smooth navigation is a primary objective for portfolios, you can change the native physics of your scroll bar with an extension for Smooth scrolling. Believe me, it works wonders with parallax websites.

Create High Traffic Blog Websites

5-The Coveted

The website above is based on the Icon stack.

Yes, the quintessence of any blog is the content posted there. However, a good web designer knows that blogs require an appealing interface design if they are to attract a large number of readers. Therefore, it’s your job to make sure that the text is neatly organized and using proper typography. Be careful about the colors you choose for the blog design, and insert a fine-looking logo. Last but not least, keep it simple in terms of navigation.

Once you’ve got these fundamental aspects straight, you’re all set. X Theme’s Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos can assist you just as well, yet Ethos – with its special attention to images – is particularly fit for news or magazine blogs. As you probably guessed, Themeco has also prepared some intelligent extensions that you can turn to for blog creation.

The first one I’m going to mention is Content Dock, the light plugin that can be used to suggest other posts to your readers. You can do that with a text widget, and also use shortcodes. This extension is really smart. It won’t be displayed on screens that don’t exceed 767px, for optimum content visibility and a good user experience.


What’s more, another extension deals with broken links. It’s a Custom 404 feature, which you can use to turn things around. Feel free to insert shortcodes (like a search bar function), upload a background image, and write some clever lines.

Even further, why rely on the default comment system from WordPress? It’s child’s play to configure Disqus Comments, and readers need a good place to talk about your posts.

Join the Themeco Family

Long story short, if you’ve been wondering where you can get the most accomplished theme for WordPress ever – well, you’ve found it! Try X Theme once, and you’ll see that you don’t have to seek any further. Themeco made sure of that. Their support forum is home to tend of thousands of users who are absolutely convinced that they’ve made the right choice. So, if you want to make good calls this year, then let X Theme show you the way.


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