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Putting Your File Sharing Plan Together

As businesses extend themselves and their assets around the globe, file sharing has become a way to get projects done regardless of time zones. When looking to integrate this feature in your business, here is what to consider.


50 Creative Logo Designs

Hullo there designers! Rev up your creative juices and kick start your day creating some creative logo designs and use the ones we are bringing you today as your design guru inspiration! That’s right, today’s post is all about some of the really creative logo designs around the web and not only are they simply beautiful to look at but it is also amazing to see the ingenuity and creativity that went into creating each one.

Web Design: Running a Responsible Site

Web Design: Running a Responsible Site, the Case of Jackpot City

Responsible Online gaming and Casino sites have never been so polished and widespread as they are today. The online casino industry began around ten to fifteen years ago and has blossomed since. Sites like Jackpot City have practically seen the revolution through from start to finish, and now offer online casinos that exude character and playability.

270 Outline Icons

270 Vector Outline Icons Pack

Can you imagine a modern website with no icons on it? Well, theoretically, it is possible. But to be honest to create a no-icon website you will probably have to make a lot of compromises on the fronts of design and user-friendliness. Icons are not merely fancy little images that make the web design more attractive. They serve to fulfill one of the most important website requirement – save space. The new web trends favor simpler websites and avoid too much textual clutter. That can only be achieved with smart use of well-designed icons. This icon bundle contains 270 frequently used outline icons. All icons are easy to modify and there are no size constraints. You can use them as per your need.

Landing Page Templates

Beautiful Landing Pages in Just $4

Hi guys! Today we’ll be bringing you some really beautiful, simple yet stylish landing page templates that you can use as launching soon, under construction, or coming soon pages for your websites which you are currently working on. They are up for grabs, so we sincerely hope that these will prove to be asset for your design kit and you’ll enjoy them immensely.

National Geographic Photos

40 National Geographic Photos For Inspiration

Hi guys! Today we are bringing you a collection of some of the most amazing and awe-inspiring 40 National Geographic Photos just your inspiration and enjoyment. It’s true what they say about pictures; they really do speak a thousand words, and the people at National Geographic certainly are doing their job right; their pictures are not only one of the best resources of amazing subjects around the world, but each one is worthy of a prize, communicating an undeniable message for anyone who looks and observes closely.

Social Media

Top 10 Social Media Mistakes Made By Beginner Bloggers

Anytime we learn something new, there’s a learning curve involved. When it comes to blogging, beginners tend to experience a pretty big learning curve. Not knowing effective blogging techniques won’t help you create a successful blog. Not having the right tools to drive traffic to your blog, such as social media, won’t suffice either.

Has Flat Web Design Become Dull?

Has Flat Web Design Become Dull?

In a response to the skeuomorphism that dominated web design at the beginning of the millennium, designer turned to flat web design. Skeuomorphism took inspiration from the real world, creating designed that mimicked the natural materials and designs of physical products in computer apps. Skeuomorphism in design meant the calculators and calendars found in PCs and laptops looked and functioned almost exactly the same as their physical counterparts.