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45 Creative Examples Of Graffiti Street Art

It is interesting to note that graffiti and street art is relatively new, with street art only emerging a decade ago. Be prepared to experience the city’s living, breathing soul as you witness the new slang, the bold, the beautiful and the ugly, the abstract and the crude, the dangerous and the stunning, adorning the cities’ streets near you!


Romantic Short Love Stories Videos

Who says the art of story telling is dead? It isn’t. It is simply changing form, switching mediums… undergoing a constant transformation to reach an audience that belongs to a new era, an information age. The following are some romantic short love stories videos that treat their subjects in abstract but imaginative ways. Brilliant stuff.

Vista Icons

Icons Land – An Icon Design Studio

Icons-land is an amazing website dedicated solely to the creation of useful icons for all kinds of websites, web-based or machine-based applications, online media, social media, and for personal use. This website can provide enterprise-grade icons for different organizations, fulfilling their specific icon requirements.


11 Free Cartoonize Yourself Photo Editing Websites

No wonder cartoons have retained their appeal for many of us to this day. They are very much a part of our digital world. What is now different, however, is the possibility of us becoming one of these cartoon characters. With the increasingly popular free online image editing softwares, you can now cartoonize yourself and turn back your reality into fancy.

Best Menu Designs Template

36 Best Menu Designs Template

A best menu design should be self-explanatory, comprehensive, yet simple, and should allow the user to get an idea about all that the website has to offer at a glance. Take a look at the following best menu designs template and let us hear what you are thinking.

Creative and Funny Controversial Ads

35 Creative and Funny Controversial Ads

A touch of humor or a comical or fun element can also be an effective marketing technique. If they can evoke a laughter out of you by their creative ads, they are successful in capturing your attention. Not all funny or controversial ads are bad. However, consumers of mass media should try to become more discriminating and try to educate themselves on different issues so that one opinion does not hold sway on their minds.