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35 Aerial View Experimental Design Websites

Take a loot at the experimental design collection we have assembled for you and let’s give your own creative impulses a new horizon. Describe to us through your design concepts how this Website world appears to you from above.


Logobee – Professional Logo Design Services

What would be your reply if you were asked to describe yourself in one short sentence? Or how would you react if you were called upon to describe your entire life experiences in one small image? Can there be a ‘tag line’ or a graphical illustration that could embody all your current plans and future ambitions?

Amazing Pictures of 3D Cartoon Characters

65 Amazing Pictures of 3D Cartoon Characters

Remember your old favorite cartoon on TV when you were a kid? There is something about these endearing cartoon characters that instantly transports us back to our childhood. It makes us remember all those happy memories that came with being a kid, imagination wild, absolutely no worries at all, and long afternoons with an endless supply of ice-cream and cartoons!


25 Free Website Under Construction Templates

In the past we have shared with you “Under Construction Website Examples“, “Launching Soon Web Page Design Ideas” and “Amazing Examples of Coming Soon Messages“. Today we bring another post relevant to these topics. This time, however, you can not only appreciate the good work, but also you can build on it. You can edit these source files and create your own desired look and feel using these templates.

Awesome Music Logos Design Inspiration

25 Awesome Music Logos Design Inspiration

Think awesome wordplay. And even more awesome color scheming and cool designs. Music logos are all about that! Not to mention great typography and brilliant concepts. Today these music logos are used by recording companies, music production houses, recording artists, podcasters, singers, bands, musicians and what not?


Free Professional Online One Page Resume Templates

Online resumes are becoming more common especially for people with professional portfolios. You can also choose from functional resumes, chronological resumes, or combination resumes. We’re going to share today is the fact that they are resume source files, that is, they are PSD resume templates. So here are the resume PSD files waiting for a little designer magic from you.

Sean Bean by Sheridan Johns

Incredibly Realistic Digital Illustrations

Technology today has made it possible for very talented artists to digitally create an illustration from scratch and turn it into an almost photographic piece of art. Some artists enjoy recreating portraits from real-life people, while others complete images from their own creation. The following digital illustrations all have one thing in common: they all are incredibly realistic.