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25 Beautiful Rack Card Designs

Rack cards is a very cost-effective way of promoting your business. When a customer walks into a store and picks up a rack card, it can leave a nice impact on their mind and the sales of a business. But in creating a lasting impact what holds the most importance is the rack card design.

Creative and Inspiring Portfolio Designs

You think you can design? And, you are looking for a job? Well, what you need is a proof of your competencies. And what better way to prove your design skills than creating a portfolio of your best design esthetics and putting it in the cyberspace for everyone to see and appreciate. Getting a job is a lot of selling yourself. You can do that by making a strong impression during the limited time you’re given. For designers, more than any other professionals, this opportunity comes in the form of portfolio Websites.

How to Avoid Worst Web Design

It’s not unusual for many people to leave disgusting websites and quickly switch over to a different one that is pleasurable to surf. Ironically the very purpose of websites is to retain viewers as long as possible and make them click. If you had come across such websites then you would realize that the flaw lies in the design of the website.

Well Designed Church Websites

Nowadays you can hardly divide your everyday life into online and offline. Shopping, business negotiations, chatting and cooking courses are being held on the web. Even when you are interested in something (or someone) that you know nothing about you start ‘googling’. Our entire material world can be found on the web. But today we’d like to draw your attention to the non-material one. Let’s talk about churches websites.

30 Best About Page Design

Today we bring you another inspiring collection of About page designs. This can give you some really creative ideas regarding how you could present an About us page design. A smartly created About page design can help your viewers come closer to the the website and the faces behind these web pages.

Creative Examples of Postcard Design

Postcards and postal cards have been there for ages. Their objectives and applications however have become more varied as well as in sync with our requirements. Postcard shape and postcard design are also becoming more creative and targeted at specific business needs. We are witnessing not only traditional rectangular postcards with standard dimensions but also shaped postcards with slight variation in their dimensions. Businesses are using postcard designs that can have content or images on both sides of the card.